Basic gear for Skype

• If you are not already familiar with Skype, here are a few tips about what you will need in order to set up and to enjoy our Skype session:
You need to download the free Skype software here:
Download SkypeDownload Skype

• A fast, consistent internet connection. If available, use cable connection rather than wifi. If wifi is your only option, make sure you set up close enough to the internet box or router during connection.

• A good webcam, preferably HD.

• A good microphone: make sure that your webcam’s or laptop’s mike delivers sufficient volume. If not, you may want to purchase an external microphone which you’ll connect to your laptop via its soundboard or via an external soundboard.

• Sufficient volume from your computer speakers. If they’re not up to the task, use quality mini-speakers. If you’d rather use headphones, make sure the cord is long enough so you can move around freely in front of your computer, standing up or sitting down!


Create optimal conditions for your session:

  1. Make sure the room where you’re setting up is well lit, but pay attention to where the light comes from: if the light source is behind you, that will create glare on the webcam.
  1. Make sure you have sufficient room to stand up and move around comfortably.


For voice lessons:

Prepare whatever you think you may need so we can work on your repertoire during the lesson: lyric sheets, scores, backtrack CD, pencil and paper.

Keep a small mirror handy: it can be useful sometimes to check for facial tensions, mouth shape or tongue position during voice work.

Always keep your lucky straw at hand, just in case! You may want to keep a glass or a mug handy as well.

You may want a drink of water once in a while during the lesson. Make sure you have some water with you.

In order not to be disturbed during your lesson, turn off your cell phone and/or unplug your fixed phone. Write yourself a note to remember to turn your cell back on and/or plug your phone back in so you don’t miss an important call!


For sophrology sessions:

Pick a comfortable chair... don’t make it too comfortable though, or you might fall asleep!

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely when standing up and feel comfortable at the waist when you relax in a sitting position.

Keep a blanket or shawl handy in case you start too feel slightly cold during relaxation

Wear a pair of thick socks - or two pairs of regular socks! - if you think that your feet might get cold during relaxation

Keep a bottle of water handy during the session

In order not to be disturbed during the session, turn off your cell phone and/or unplug your fixed phone. Write yourself a note to remember to turn your cell back on afterwards and/or plug your phone back in so you don’t miss an important call!

In order to take a real break from your daily routine, choose a room in the house where you know you won’t be disturbed during the session.



Before the session, take a few minutes to set up your gear for Skype:

  1. Check your internet connection.
  1. Set levels on your microphone.
  1. Check levels on your speakers.
  1. Check that you appear in the frame of your webcam.
  1. Close all computer programs that might slow down your connection (video games, downloads, streaming, internet tv, image or word processing).
  1. For more technical assistance, visit Skype’s online support website:

Before the time scheduled for our session, make sure you have my Skype info in your contact list.

Connect to Skype a few minutes before the time scheduled for our session!

At the scheduled time, call me by clicking on my name, then on the green phone icon.
We are now ready to meet for our session on Skype! See you soon!